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How to Measure Bra Size?

Quick Fit Tips

Measure your bra size every year - more frequently if you have major body changes (e.g., weight loss or gain, pregnancy, etc.).

Replace your bras every six months. Most bras get worn out from laundering and wear after about six months. Check your bras occasionally for signs of wear and tear like stretched out straps and/or underwires that poke, which signal that a bra is ready for retirement.

A truly supportive bra that fits properly will fully encompass (but not necessarily cover) the entire breast regardless of the design. Classic signs of an ill-fitting bra are the 'double-bubble' effect when you're pouring out of the top of the bra and 'side spillage' where you're pouring out of the sides.

For optimal comfort and support, the back wings (Back wings are the strips of fabric, which extend from the outer base of the cups and secure in the back.) of your bra should be comfortably anchored at or below your shoulder blades.

If you're bulging out of the top of your bra, first make sure you're wearing the correct size then check to see if the cup type you've chosen is too shallow for you. The shallowest cups are demi (as they are not intended to cover the entire breast) and padded (the padding takes up some of the space in the cup), so if you're consistently noticing the bulge, you should opt for non-padded, full cup bras.

If your bra straps constantly fall down, you are either wearing the wrong size or your bra straps are worn out and have lost their elasticity. Either way, without properly fitting straps you're probably not getting all of the support you need. There are a few options to correct this issue...

  • Replace your existing bras with new ones, if you find that your straps seem to be losing their elasticity quickly you may want to opt for rigid strap (non-stretch straps) bras.
  • Or, if all else fails try a fully convertible bra, which allows you to adjust where the straps are anchored.

If you're experiencing pain in your neck and shoulders, you need a supportive bra, which evenly distributes the weight of your breasts. Comfort strap bras do just this and have the added bonus of lined straps for optimal comfort.

If you're seeking more cleavage, opt for a push up bra with adjustable enhancement like removable cookies (small removable pads). You can up the cleavage ante by choosing a push up bra with a low center gore and angled demi cups.

If you'd like to minimize your assets, choose a minimizer bra, which can reduce the appearance of the bust by up to one-cup size.

If you'd like to create a smooth silhouette under even the thinnest fabrics, opt for seamless bras in a sleek fabric like microfiber. T-shirt bras are a wonderful option all year around; they're specifically designed to be virtually invisible under clothing.

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