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The Panty Primer

Glossary of Panty

The Panty Primer


Bikini - A moderate coverage silhouette offering more coverage than a thong, but not as much as a brief. Bikinis have waistbands which usually lay somewhere between the navel and hip (unless Low Rise) and have semi-hi-cut legs and a moderate coverage back panel. String bikinis offer considerably less coverage than an average bikini. Bikinis are a super comfortable medium coverage silhouette that won’t show thru under heavier fabrics like denim or wool.
Boyshort – Boyshorts offer full coverage in a modern silhouette. Resembling a short these panties are sometimes also called culotte or hot pant. Offering full coverage in a modern silhouette, boyshorts are a perfect everyday alternative and offer comfortable coverage under skirts.
Brief – A traditional rise panty with full coverage in the rear. For a modern take on a classic silhouette choose a brief in seamless microfiber.
Culotte - A European version of a boyshort.
G-String - A minimal coverage panty with string sides and back panel. Similar to a thong, some manufacturers use the terms interchangeably, but in general G-strings offer ultra minimal coverage. These tiny panties are virtually guaranteed to eliminate panty lines.
Hi Cut Brief - A moderate to full coverage panty with a very hi-cut leg. Some women find that hi-cut briefs in dense fabrics offer a bit of tummy shaping.
Hipster – A mid coverage panty, which is a moderately low rise cross between a bikini and a brief. Hipsters are a modern and comfortable take on the classic brief and are less bulky than a boyshort. Hipsters are virtually invisible under mid-rise pants.
Low Rise - A panty with a rise of 9-inches or less. The rise is the measurement between the waistband and the first horizontal seam.
We categorize low rise into three categories.
Moderately Low – 7-8 inches
Really Low – 5 to 6.5 inches
Daringly Low – 4.5 inches or lower
Moderately Low - Panties with a rise measurement of 7 to 8-inches.
Really Low - Panties with a rise measurement of 5 to 6.5 inches.
Daringly Low – Panties with a rise measurement of 4.5 inches or lower.
String Bikini – A bikini with thin string sides. This traditional silhouette offers comfortable, minimal to moderate coverage. Perfect for the thong a phobic string bikinis that are seamless, or constructed of smooth fabrics like microfiber and mesh virtually disappear under medium to heavy fabrics.
Tanga – A moderate to minimal coverage European panty silhouette that has a back panel that is wider than a thong but narrower than a bikini. Tangas are a comfortable way to transition from a bikini to a thong.
Thong - A minimal coverage panty silhouette with a triangle shaped front panel, thin side panels and a narrow back panel, which may be y-shaped, or t shaped.
Thongboy - A moderate coverage panty silhouette, which combines the comfort of a boyshort with a thong back panel.

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