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How to Measure Bra Size?

We'll Help You Find The Perfect Fit

As many as 8 in 10 women wear the wrong size bra, so chances are the bra you're wearing at this very moment isn’t your correct size. A properly fitting bra is not only comfortable- it's truly flattering. The perfect bra can lift, separate, accentuate, minimize or maximize – all you have to do is find the right one. Your quest for the perfect bra begins with the perfect fit and Bare Necessities is here to help.

There are two important measurements you'll need to know to figure out your correct size – the Band measurement, and the Cup measurement. The Band measurement represents the numeric portion of your bra size – the 36 in a 36c. The cup measurement will be used to determine your cup size – the letter C in the size 36c.

Step#1: Band Measurement

Measure under your arms, high on your back, around the top of your chest. If this measurement is an even number, then this is your band size. If this measurement is an odd number, then add 1" to determine your band size. Record that number, you'll need it for step 3.

Step#2: Cup Measurement

While wearing your favorite supportive, comfortable bra, measure loosely around the fullest part of your bust. Record that number, you’ll need it in a sec.

Step#3: Do the Math

Subtract your band measurement from your cup measurement; each inch represents a cup size. For example: if your band measurement is 34" and your cup measurement is 36", then the difference between these measurements is two inches, and you'd wear a B-cup.


1-inch difference A Cup
2-inch difference B Cup
3-inch difference C Cup
4-inch difference D Cup
5-inch difference DD Cup
6-inch difference DDD Cup
7-inch difference DDDD Cup
8-inch difference FF Cup
9-inch difference G Cup
10-inch difference H Cup
11-inch difference I Cup
12-inch difference J Cup




Please be aware that European sizing runs slightly smaller than American sizes.



30 30 80 65 1
32 32 85 70 2
34 34 90 75 3
36 36 95 80 4
38 38 100 85 5
40 40 105 90 6
42 42 110 95 7
44 44 115 100 8


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